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July 26, 2010

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

This weekend, my family and I went to visit one of Minnesota's many waterfalls. Last Summer, we decided to visit as many different MN waterfalls (and even a few in Wisconsin) as we can, and this year the tradition continues. Sunday, we went to Minneopa Falls.
On our way to the state park, we passed Minnesota's Largest Candy Store. Obviously, this discovery necessitated a visit after we hiked around the falls.
The store smelled amazing. The scent of pies, apple-filled cookies, and strawberry vanilla fudge greeted us as soon as we entered.
My husband and daughter were busy weighing all of the sweet options. I didn't even know giant chocolate Smarties existed!
There were more varieties of chocolate than you could ever want. Be sure to read the fine print on the no weight gain chocolate.
Entire rows of the store were devoted to licorice from various countries and every flavor imaginable.
I bought one of these delicious rice crispy treats. Giant maltballs were added to the traditional marshmallow and rice crispy mix. Some of the other flavors included coconut and macadamia nut and triple chocolate.
And to get all of that sticky goodness out of your teeth, of course, you need these.
If you've ever wondered what happened to politically-incorrect sweets like Big Chew gum and candy cigarettes, don't worry. They are alive and well here. This barn-like shop was about halfway between Jordan and Belle Plaine on 169 South. At least I think it was. Perhaps it was just a delicious mirage.

All in all, it was a perfect Minnesota Sunday.


abby said...

this place looks incredible. i am a candy freak. will have to visit soon. i can't believe i didn't know about this gem. thank you for sharing!

btw - super cute little family!

Maddycakes said...

Makes me want to come to Minnesota..almost :)!
Your daughter is beautiful!! Many blessings and I see you are doing great things! I will be seeing you on the big screen soon!

Cadence said...

Amazing! I'm addicted to varieties of licorice! Thanks for sharing.

Anthoula said...

Oh my God! I wish I could smell all that!

simplysandi said...

Wow.. that is definitely amazing...

Jessica said...

We love Jim's Apple Barn!! We go there for all the varieties of root beer.

Anonymous said...

this candy has every thing we came there on the way back from valley fair

Anonymous said...

Can somebody tell me where exactly this candy store is?? :)

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

Hi Anonymous #2,

It's called Jim's Apple Farm. Even a thorough Google search only gets you "169 near Jordan" as the location.

Sorry I couldn't be more help. It was like a mirage out of the blue for us, too.


Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

Hi Shandra,

Unfortunately, there's no website for the store and no bulk candy.

Janice said...

I will be passing by, well not passing by Jims Apple Barn today. They have the very best fesh pies. I so look forward to their reopening every summer this year was July 8. I could barely wait.
Pies, candy, soda pop and of course the best selection of apples, squash, pumkins etc. in the fall.
Thanks for creating this place to leave comments.
Janice St. Michael MN

Sandy said...

Where in Minnesota please?????

Anonymous said...

Giant yellow barn on the Norht/West side of Hwy 169 (Johnson Memorial Dr.). Just south of Jordan and Deleware Ave/Co Rd 59.

It is like an oasis off 169 I know where it is and almost miss the driveway every time!


Skippy said...

How i wish I'd know this place existed when I visited my PenPal in MN a good few years ago. I would love to have gone there and as we went to Valley Fair we can't have been far away!

This blog is fab, I love all the cakes, they're like a work of art! Thank you!

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PEGGY A said...

I know exactly where it is, but wonder WHEN in the year it's open. It seems it's seasonal, although apparently they're open in December. Is April too early?

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

Too early. Last year they didn't open until the 4th or the weekend right before, which seems nuts. But, maybe it's only financially worth it for them during those holiday seasons.

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